2024 Executive Forecast: What 9 Home Care Leaders Expect Next Year

2024 Executive Forecast: What 9 Home Care Leaders Expect Next Year

While home care providers are working to mitigate headwinds – such as the rising cost of delivering care and staffing challenges – they also have their eye on where the industry goes from here.

As 2024 approaches, home care leaders are embracing AI, alternative payer sources, employee-centric solutions, and much more.

Home Health Care News heard from nine home care industry leaders, who shared their views on the biggest trends, challenges, and opportunities that will define home care in 2024 and beyond. Some also noted where their organizations’ efforts will be focused next year.
The home care market continues to expand due to growth in an aging population, increased prevalence of chronic conditions, and a continued consumer preference for the comfort and familiarity of home over institutions. While elder care is growing more quickly, I predict in the next 2-3 years, we will see an increase in home care utilization among a more diverse group of demographics – mainly helping support those with chronic conditions.

In 2024, I expect to see continued advancement in the integration of health care and home care fueled by technology and data collection. Remote monitoring for vitals and fall risks will help provide a more complete picture of patient health. Patient touch points will expand, furthering the collection of patient data. Increased capacity for predictive modeling through AI will empower home care leaders to enhance service offerings to improve the quality of care, patient health, comfort, and independence.

Home care companies positioned to provide an integrated and individualized care plan leveraging new technologies will see the most significant consumer interest and build revenues through enhanced partnerships with referral sources.

Emma Dickison, CEO and President at Home Helpers

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