Accurate Coding & Clinical Documentation

Quality clinical documentation is the foundation of great patient care. Corridor helps you do documentation right – every day, at scale, timely and accurate.


Home health & hospice documentation is complex – and getting it right has meaningful, deep impacts on everything in your business. Patient care, reimbursement and compliance are “table stakes” to delivering on your mission. But great clinical documentation also drives care quality – for each patient every day, and for the never-ending quality improvement journey we demand of ourselves.


Specific, complete, accurate and timely documentation ensures your team is delivering the right care at the right time, all while capturing critical data for continuous improvement, ensuring fair & full reimbursement and staying compliant.


Simply put, continuous improvement is now “table stakes” as well, and great documentation gives you the information you need to get better at everything you do – and get credit for it in your quality scores and reimbursement. Corridor helps you navigate the constantly changing regulations, EMR/technology changes and reimbursement rules to achieve ongoing success with clinical documentation.

Are you struggling with…

Slow, Complex, Manual Billing

The introduction of new regulations, intricate documentation requirements, and the involvement of commercial and MA payors are causing delays in your reimbursement process, as they demand labor-intensive and time-consuming manual steps.
Oracle's revenue cycle, powered by technology, speeds up internal procedures and enhances responsiveness from payors, resulting in more timely and precise reimbursement for you.
Our team of experts will analyze your existing processes and assist in implementing new workflows and systems that target inefficiencies. By leveraging advanced technology, we modernize your reimbursement procedures, eliminate hours spent on manual billing tasks, expedite claims submissions, and enhance your cash flow.

Do you see signs that your revenue cycle management infrastructure is too slow and complex, such as…

    1. Claims returned for inaccurate or missing data

    2. Billing and A/R income unable to meet payroll or accounts payable outflows

    3. Some claims and bills not submitted at all

    4. Failing to promptly respond to denials and requests for more information

Overextended Middle & Back Office Staff

In an industry where turnover of employees is already significant, home health and hospice agencies are experiencing severe shortages of workers.
Oracle offers solutions that adapt to changes in your back-office workload, automate current procedures, and provide consistent costs, allowing you to concentrate on staffing the most crucial patient care. Our knowledgeable team offers dependable and scalable support to ensure precise clinical documentation, timely submission of insurance claims, and a favorable cash flow.

You know you have staffing issues if…

Implementing Automated, Efficient Workflows

Repetitive tasks, fragmented workflows, and outdated processes cause inaccuracies, cost valuable time and your staff hates all the extra work & clicks. Corridor relieves these frustrations while saving you money and preparing your business for growth.
Your mission is patient care – centered on individualized human touch. But your back-office shouldn’t be full of one-off processes and single use tasks – it needs to be streamlined, scalable and efficient. Repetitive manual work, rekeying data into multiple systems, manual /paper forms and re-creating the same documents time and time again can all be dramatically transformed.
The Corridor automation difference is scale and expertise – we already work with the largest providers in the industry, so we know how to build, deploy and operate for growth. And Corridor has been your industry partner for 30+ years, so we know the processes, EMRs and payer environment better than anyone.
Smartly designed and rapidly implemented, process automation technology – combined with Corridor’s expertise – will simplify and accelerate your workflows and supercharge your great team.

Is your staff burdened by manual processes & inefficient workflows such as…

    1. Filling out the same paperwork or fields repeatedly

    2. Going back to re-do work or making corrections to submitted claims

    3. Asking for the same information several times from clinical and client-facing staff

    4. Receiving an excessive number of denials for incomplete or inaccurate claims

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

With regulations constantly changing and becoming more complex, complying with government mandates is more difficult than ever – and the financial consequences more severe. Corridor combines decades of best practices, proprietary technology with built-in compliance features, and turn-key educational resources to help you stay current in an ever-changing environment.

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